Wireless Networking

Wireless access and wireless backhaul/fronthaul solutions that enable
4G and 5G wireless infrastructure
  • Radio Head Transceivers

    Radio equipment transceivers that are highly integrated, low-power RFICs for wideband radio modules operating in the 400MHz to 6GHz frequency range
  • Microwave & MilliMeter Wave Modems

    SoC solutions support fiber-like data speeds in low latency broadband wireless transmission systems
  • Microwave Transceivers

    Single-chip broadband microwave transceivers support entire frequency spectrum from 5GHz to 45GHz
  • Clocks

    Clock and timing products including the SyntheCLK™ family of devices provide multi-output clock generation and distribution using a cascaded phase-locked loop (PLL) architecture with programmable dividers and clock drivers.
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